Fringe Jazz Fest takes place at the small and cosy venue called Charlie Scott’s (Live Jazz Venue of the year in Denmark 2013) in the CENTER of Copenhagen. It is a subfestival for Copenhagen Jazz Festival and presents the best of young New Orleans inspired music from Denmark.
Fringe Jazz Fest took off in 2013 and has since been a massive succes. More than 30 bands have filled up the venue every year and most nights have been sold out.
All musicians are young and with a passion for NEW ORLEANS inspired music such as brassband, oldschool funk, blues, trad. jazz, swing and 2nd line – styles which are not presents a lot by the official Copenhagen Jazz Festival program.
Every year the festival presents a rising STAR from New Orleans. 2013 the amazing tromboneplayer and singer Michael Watson was artist in residence. In 2014 saxophoneplayer and singer Aurora Nealand came by and in 2015 the great trumpetplayer Kevin Louis will be around.

Visit Fringe Jazz Festival here:

Fringe Jazz Festival

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New Orleans New Year Jazz Event


New Orleans New Year Jazz Event takes place second friday in January and celebrates young funky New Orleans music in Denmark. Bands like Six City Stompers, Esben Just, Wonderbrazz Tuesday Night Brass Band, Astro Buddha Agogo, NOLA Love Manifest and Jazz Five have been on stage since the event started out in 2012.
The NEW Danish sound of New Orleans music needed a base to show ability to entertain, kick off a massive PARTY and spread out funky music to the people and NONYJE has become such one.
Next edition of NONYJE will take place January 8th AND 9th 2016. Presale starts November 9th @

Learn more about NONYJE here

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